July 15, 2008

Class Schedule August,September, and October 2008

This is a class schedule for the next 3 months. Please note that we may have to make a few changes due to the fact I don't have a schedule from my real job yet. I will be glad to add another class night if I have any request, because I am not sure at this time what works for everyone.

Future Dates-

15 Workshop- Kristy H.

11 New catalog release
16 Workshop- Judy L.
21 Tech. Class 11am / 6pm
highlighting new products
from the new catalog

5 Workshop-Gigi M.
11 BB Card Club
13 Stamp camp (Office Desk Set) at TUPC
18 Tech. Class 11am/ 6pm
24 DFE 6pm Kristy S.
26 ? ? Open night

15 Workshop- Rhonda F.
16 BB Card Club
24 ?? Open night
30 Tech. Class 11am/ 6pm

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