March 15, 2016

Why I do Project Life-

Why do I use Project Life?
I use Project life because the focus is on my pictures that tell my life stories.
Project life is a easy way to document memories with pocket page protectors, 
a card collection, accessory packet from Stampin' Up! and my pictures.

Last weekend I decided to dive into Project Life.  I knew I really like the ideas 
of Project life, so I was really excited to start baby Kate's 1st year of life book.
I was so excited that I purchased 240 4x6 photos of Kate  to get started.
On Thursday evening I sorted the pictures into themes of the past year.  I love pictures 
of their little hands and toes so that would be one of my theme pages.  I had a Holiday pile,
babysitter pile and of course a grandma and grandpa page plus many more.  After completing 
my piles I started inserting my photos into the page protectors that held both vertical and
horizontal photos using all nine designs of page protectors  that Stampin' Up! sells.
By 2:30am on Friday I had 37 double sided pages with pictures of Kate, ready to 
accent with my Hello baby girl card collection.  These pre-printed cards plus a collection of coordinating cardstock cut to 4x6 were used to fill into my open pockets to tell our 1st year stories. 
I could not believe that in less than 24hours I could sort, insert pictures and decorate my pages.Now with Lauren's help I will fill in our story by journaling this past year.
I have a introduction to Project Life class scheduled-
March 16th at 6pm
fee $5.00
Bring 4-6 pictures and you will make a double sided,
12x12 pocket memory page at this class.
Please RSVP

Happy stamping and memory keeping, Cindy

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Carol V said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pages with Project Life. I just received my order with PL Baby Girl and can't wait to start with my newest granddaughter and work my way back to 4 yr old graddaughter, 1 yr old grandson and 10 yr old grandson.....and add some PL pages to my 12 yr old grandsons album, that only goes up to his 1st year!!!! PL should take me so much less time! You have inspired me to get some pics printed!