May 15, 2013

Goodbye Day of Gratitude

Goodbye Day of Gratitude

This time of year we have to say goodbye to some of our 
favorite stamp sets due to the Retiring Stamp list.
I liked this set because the medallion was easy to cut out, and
the leaves made a nice background with versamark.

This stamp set made my favorite 15 retiring stamp set list.

Join our mystery hostess party-
Mystery Hostess- all orders placed online at  this month that are placed using this hostess code-  BFU6233Y   or all orders that are placed on May 30th at the Goodbye 2012-2013 catalog Sale will share the hostess benefits, as the order total grow so do the benefits.

 if our order totals reach $150.00 1 person will earn $25.00 free
                                        $300.00  2 people will  each earn $25.00 free
                                        $400.00  1 person will earn a 1/2 price item
                                        $500.00  1 person will earn a 1/2 price item 
                                          $600.00  1 person will win $50.00 free                                                      Remember you must use this hostess code BFU6233Y   for online orders ( ONLINE orders will come to your home in about 6 days after your ordered is placed or place any order for May 30th and they will come to my home.) If you place a order for this mystery hostess party, send me a email
what you would like to win if your name is drawn, because I will need to place this order on the 30th
at 6pm.  Good luck ladies.
1. $25.00
2. $50.00
3. 1/2 price item
Happy Stamping, Cindy

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