September 25, 2009

Founders Circle Day 4

Day 4
What an wonderful experience this has been. I had planned to go visit Zion National park, but the one thing I learned from this trip was to say no when your plate is to full. I chose to visit with friends and make flowers from fabric of different textures, relax, eat chocolate and enjoy the moments that were flying by. At 5pm we loaded on buses and were treated to a final dinner that was in a beautiful setting overlooking a golf course and the mountains on the horizon. The sun set was gorgeous due to a incoming storm from the north as the sun was setting. Stampin' Up! pampered us each and every day, tonight we received a cute box on our pillow with 2 butterfly
charms, one was engraved Founders Circle 2009.
The cute chest box on the dinner table had 2 live
butterflies that we released. Yes I had to get my
picture with Shelli Gardner, she was a great sport
about pictures and signing our swap cards.
Thanks Cindy

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Bill said...

Simply beautiful sunset! It would really be something to live and work in a scenic area such as that. I bet you wished that you had several more days there to relax and have fun. Can't wait to see some of the ideas you bring back! I bet there was an awesome amount of talent floating around there.

Lori said...

What a wonderful experience for you! With all the hard work you put into your business, and the wonderful projects you help us make, I'm glad you had the experience of the prestigeous Founder's Circle.

Hmmm...Do I smell Pop-Tarts burning? (Ask Bill.)