August 6, 2009

Hinge Cards

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted any new cards lately.
My daughter, Emily got a real JOB( she has been my helper this summer) so we have been very busy, you know when a girl gets her 1st job she neeeeds CLOTHES and SHOES and a CAR ( the 96 Corolla survived high school ball teams and college road trips, but when we move on to the Big Girl Job we need a real car with air conditioning and heat).
These are couple of cards I made for a workshop a week ago. I have wanted to make a hinge card ever since I saw them on a Split coast Stampers Challenge. I love them, but I'm not sure how the person getting my card will know how to open them. I'm not sure why I am worrying, I never send them anyway. I finally found a place to use the rhinestone brads I have been hoarding, I used one on each card to make the hinge top that covers the saying in my cards.
I will post the cards for the classes this month over the weekend,
Thanks for looking Cindy


Pip said...

I made 4th of july cards cimilar to this one time. They looked like a firecracker (tall and skinn with glitter and sparkles) and when you opened the hinge it looked like thei fire cracker had exploded. I wrote "Hope your holiday is bursting with fun!" (or soemthing like that)

csheets said...

They sound really cute, you will have to send me a picture some time. Thanks Cindy