May 17, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

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I hope you are having a great month of May, I know with the end of another school year approaching, Mothers Day, Memorial Day and graduations of family and friends we are all very busy.

Last weekend I had a very special Mothers Day, our daughter graduated from Marietta College, it was a very fast four years, it seems like we just dropped her off and now she is back home a college graduate looking for that first job, and needing new wheels!!!! (she can't drive that "96" Corolla forever), a girl needs a cool car. We had a very busy weekend, but it was wonderful to spend it with my two children that both make us proud parents. We are just not sure how we got two kids that are taller than we are, it sure wasn't the prenatal vitamins, that I never could remember to take. We were just blessed to have them both.

I will post the a few pictures of the last two cards I sent to the college girls this year in a few days. Sorry I have gotten behind posting again, just blame the college girls, 14 cards and and 140 scrapbook pages over a 2 week period for the 7 of them, so I had to let something other than sleep slip by.

Thanks Cindy


Pip said...

Your daughter is beautiful! congratulations.

Shirley said...

Great Pictures!!!